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    Re: Unban Request

    Posting this in a new thread because the other one is locked:

    Feel free to merge this post with the above thread. Thanks.


    Hiya. Once again, not trying to be rude, but the demo doesn't accurately show some of my peaks. The very first one for instance, although in the demo it appears that I begin firing just before if not exactly as he appears on my screen - in reality:

    Here's one of the first frames in the demo where he's visible:

    Now compare it to the very first image I posted. See the difference?

    And yes.. I could hear him, but my reaction isn't as impressive when you look at my footage.. and yes.. I used a screen recorder today as well. I've been deleting them more frequently as I've been playing more and thus running out of space, but I have nearly all of today's visits. This demo's included.

    I also have all of Skully's screenshots that were taken in this visit:

    He's already requested and seen these. Although I'm not certain if he has more to say on this matter. I don't cheat. You'll never catch me, because I'm innocent. I have screenshots, screen recorder footage and as you can see above, the demo's aren't always the most reliable. As for the spamming of walls, that's on you to make your own judgement on. However that's all it is. Spams.

    For now I'm not going to look through the rest of the demo, I have a pretty good idea what's on it. Bottom line is my responses will always be the same: I don't cheat.


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    Can we please resolve this? Insane doesn't cheat.

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    @insane is clean. also bro come to new forum



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