Admin Application Requirements

Admin Application Requirements

Official Requirements

There will be no exceptions to these rules at all unless you have the "
Veteran" rank.

1. You need to be a Member for at least 10 Days to apply for a position.

2. You must be active on the server you are applying for and be active on the forums.

3. In order for your application to be accepted, you need support from
Trial Admins+(Admin/DR/SM etc.).

4. Do not bug or harass
Trial Admins+ in any form or manner just to get them to view your application.

5. Do not ask people to vouch or reply to your application.

6. You have to report 5 or more cheaters on the forums
from any of our servers, and 90% of all reports must be dirty.(*Follow the link at the end of this post for the reporting tutorial)

  • The reports must contain at least 1 or more hacker that was difficult to decide on, not simply blatant hackers.
  • Zombie Plague admins applicants must report only 5 hackers/cheaters and one of this reports must be a scripter. ZP staff can make an exception for the scripter report since its hard to find.
  • Jailbreak admins applicants must report only 5 hackers/cheaters.
  • TTT admin applicants must report only 5 hackers/cheaters.
  • New servers accept 5 reports

7. You must be able to read/speak/write English.

  • We need Server Admins who can be able to communicate effectively with players and LgK peers in the server.

8. You can not apply for a position in LgK if you are currently an admin on another server (
double clanning).

  • We seek Members who will prioritize Legend Killers over other communities.
  • We will not accept "Oh yeah I can split my time between both clans" for an answer.


  • If your application got denied, you must wait 1 week or however long the Server Manager or Staff+ tells you to.
  • After getting approved as an Admin, you must wait at least 1 week to apply for another server.
  • Trial Admins must wait their trial period expires to apply for another server (e.g. someone is a trial admin on server A, he cannot apply for server B until his trial period expires).
  • You can apply and be an admin on a maximum of 3 servers.
  • Make sure you answer the question(s) on the application detailed and professionally. We will not take 3 words or one sentence as an answer.
  • If you get denied don't lose the hope. This doesn't means you will never again get admin. Apply for admin how many times you want, once you meet the requirements and wait 1 week to apply again (except if a SM/Staff told you to wait more time to apply).
  • There's no problem if you're nom-steamer and apply for admin.

Dear Legend Killers Member(s),
While these are the requirements for becoming an administrator, this doesn't mean that everyone who meets them and fills out an application is going to be accepted as an admin.
Becoming part of the
Admin Team requires the approval of its Server Manager.
Certain individuals may be asked to apply and thus exempt to some of the requirements stated above.
This will be a decision made by
Staff+ previously consulted by the Server Manager beforehand.

Make your application(s) stand out
Fill the form(s) as if you're filling a real-life job application.
This may sound too much but:
Be professional: We're not expecting a perfectly constructed grammar.
What you post/write on any application may affect you in the process.
This applies to all of the LgK applications in the forum.


Legend Killers Management

How to record demo (video) of cheaters/hackers
How to get the Steam/Valve Id of cheaters/hackers
*Where to upload demos: or
Report cheaters/hackers here